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In the row of houses where I live, there is the last house that I currently only use for putting up my guests. The house is over 100 years old and it is not in very good condition anymore. Eventually I will have to rebuild it. Until I will have made up my mind how it should be rebuild I hope to rent it as often as possible for short or medium periods of time. Because I am a nonsmoker myself, I prefer to rent only to nonsmokers.
My guests have been tourists, artists, MacDonalds roof makers (Hamburger Zimmermänner), professionals working for a short period in Zurich, people looking for an other place to live, musician doing recordings at Powerplay Studios in Maur (not Prince or Lady Gaga, but other less famous ones), and retired persons visiting Switzerland the slow way. Some of my guests are Wwoofers who help me a bit in the house or in the garden instead of paying rent.

In the picture: Barry McCarus, the most enthusiastic musician I ever met.

The house has only two rooms. Here the living room on the ground floor.
After the entrance you go either into the living room or into the kitchen shown here. In the kitchen you find besides the sink, cooker, fridge and washing machine, also the stove for the central heating.
At the far end of the kitchen you turn right and you find the stairs
that leads to the upper floor. Here there are a shower cabin, a wash basin and the toilet.
From there you get into the other room of the house.
The house is in a rather quiet location, except occasional noise of airplains that start from the military airport. It is 12km from center of Zurich (35 minutes by tram and bus). From the house you can walk along a creek and fields and after 5 minutes you get to a lake where you can swimm.

Please don't come to me with a very expensive car. It does not suit in front of my house.

And because the neighbours have the right to drive around the house, you can't park in front of it. Simply continue 10 meters straight on and leave the vehicle in the grass.

When the house for my guests is already taken, then I can also take guests with me in the house (middle house with yellowish wall with wood structure).

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